27 януари 2010

"Free your mind" Add -on, Suprise for you :) and Freebie

"Free your mind" Add -on is wonderful complement for my new kit :)
Includes 23 elements and 5 papers.
Available in all my stories!
Sunflower Scrap
Two Little Pixels
Dreamland Digital Designs

I would love to read your comments :)

1 coupon code for 3 lucky peoples ONLY for my story in
Sunflower Scrap

One QP free for you :)
I hope you like it!


"Free your mind" + BONUS cluster frames by Damayanti

Hear the birds start to sing
Feel the life in the breeze
Watch the ice melt away
The kids are coming out to play
Feel the sun on your skin
Growing strong and warm again
Watch the ground: there's something moving
Something is breaking through
New life is breaking through!

This is my new kit - fresh, colorful, full of life! Includes 47 beautiful elements, 14 WA and 16 papers. FREE Cluster frames with every purchase!!! Don't miss them!
Available at January 27 in all my shops!!!!
Happy scrapping!

Amazing pages from my FANTASTIC and unique Creative Team! Thank you girls!!!

26 януари 2010

"Happy frames" RUSSIAN VERSION - freebie

Надеюсь это кому то пригодится :)))


25 януари 2010

"Love and war by Holliewood Studios

Hollie is amazing scraper!
Here is what she said:
This is definitely NOT a Valentine’s Day kit. This kit came to be when I wanted to scrap some hard subjects but didn’t have anything in my stash to do so. This kit is for those rough subjects, those emotional subjects. We all have them and few chose to scrap them. I found great satisfaction and release creating pages with this kit. I think my CT did too. That said, there is plenty in this kit to scrap loads of other ideas too.
Kit available today in @Oscraps
Don't miss!!!!

My page.
photos by internet

22 януари 2010

"Happy Frames" freebie - updated!

"Happy frames" freebie for you!
I'm really sorry for troubles!
Leave your comment here! I will be very glad to read them and sorry once again!
I will be happy to see what you did with them :) :) :)
Here is link to downloads!

21 януари 2010

FREE blog template of my new kit "Free your mind" - coming soon...

Hi everybody :) I hope your are feel good!
Here is FREE blog template of my new kit "Free your mind" - coming soon...next week :)
If your decide to use my blog template - please, show me!
Come here on January 27!!!
Fastest three will find coupons for my kit here :)

Remember - January 27th!
Hugs to all!


"Sweetheart" by Vesi Design


All from new FANTASTIC kit by Vesi Design - "Sweetheart" and "Brown sugar alpha" available today in Sunflower Scrap with 20% OFF
Don't miss it!!!
Kit contains 14 papers and 78 elements: 1 band, 2 bonbons, 4 bows, 2 brunches, 3 buttons, 1 heart candle, 6 cardboards, 1 heart with cookies, 2 doodle borders, 6 doodles for journaling, 10 flowers, 5 frames, 1 gift, 6 hearts, 1 lady-bug, 2 leave, 2 owls, 1 ribbon, 2 roses, 2 splatters, 6 stitches, 5 tags, 1 tree, 6 word arts.

Photos by me - my younger son Vladimir

Thanks for looking!

20 януари 2010

My page is in Gallery spotlight - Lilypad :)

Gallery spotlight and It’s tadpole tuesday!!

Pollywog Katrina here with my first blog post! So excited. One of my fav parts of being a polly is looking through the gallery at all the seriously amazing pages made with Pad goodies and if you haven’t been to the gallery lately stop by, you will be amazed!

The first page is by Damayanti

Everything is placed perfectly and your eye is drawn right in to the perfection of this page. I just love it.

Black Beauty and Smile by Valorie Wibbens
Old School alpha by Rachel Young, Michelle Godin and Kate
Wordy-Bits by Kate Hadfield
Jenna Desai About a boy
Doodle border by Jenna Desai
Doodlicious by Jenna Desai
In the zone - papers by Jacque Larsen
Scribble it by Emily Merritt
Ice cubes by Jacque Larsen
Flower bits by Jenna Desai

http://www.the-lilypad.com/store/]All from The Lilypad

Thanks for looking!

19 януари 2010

Damayanti Studio "Happy frames" FREEBIE

"Happy frames" freebie for you!
I'm really sorry for troubles!
Here is link to downloads!
Happy scraping!

14 януари 2010

New CU product by Damayanti Studio

Tomorrow available my new CU products for your designs!!!
In ALL my stories!!!!
Don't miss them!!!!
For TWO days ONLY with 20% OFF!
First pack includes 22 different elements all - 300 dpi!

Second includes 21 different elements!

Happy scraping!

13 януари 2010

New project! My next guest from my CT is Anechka :)

I choice my next guest Anna aka Anechka :)
She is pretty and very kind person!
Anna is very talented scrapper, she is also a talented designer too!!!
You can see you designs in Sunflower scrap


1. First of all tell us about yourself, please! (your real name, where do you live, about your family, job…)

My name is Anja!

I live in the Far East.

At me two children and the fine husband.

Our family very amicable and sports.

2. When did you start Digital Scrapbooking?

Digital Scrapbooking I have started to be engaged 3 years ago.

3. How long does it take you to make one scrapbook page?

Each time on a miscellaneous.

There is a page is born for 15 minutes, and in other day on a page leaves and 2 hours.

Most likely it depends on inspiration.

4. Where do you get your inspiration?

I receive huge inspiration from the children!

From associates me good people.

From the sun, books, pictures.

All fine gives rise to inspiration.

5. What is your favorite style in scrapbook?
I love various styles.

Each style approaches for a certain stage in registration of photos.

It would be desirable to seize each style.

6. What kind of pages you like to do? (collages, LOs, minimalist style, or ...)

I like to do collages.

But it are pleasant to me when girls do pages of set of elements.

7. Do you have another hobby?
Yes, I have also other hobby.

I love fitness.

8. So, show us 3 of your favorite pages please

Her galleries:

I'm different

Jofia Designs - "In my Mommy's dream" "Cozy Kit" and "Kit for a cold days" available in @AFD
MK Designs "Der Wetterfrosch" available in @SPD
Lorie Davison "Archive Collection" and "Before The First Snow" available in @SPG
Paint the Moon Designs "Boxed In Set Three" available in @Oscraps
MD "In my kitchen" - paper on the floor available in @Digital-Crea
Holly Designs "Unkonventional kraft" - BG paper available in @SPD
Idea and photo for this page by Lorna's photography
Thanks for looking!

My WINNERS!!! :)

So, girls, it was a difficult choice....
I saw all pages and I would like to tell you THANK YOU!!!
Thanks for your time, your creativity and all beautiful pages!!!!
My winners are




Girls I need your e-mails to send you coupons!!!

11 януари 2010

Sweet Shop by Holliewood Studios

Hollie said:
This sweet kit is jammed kit with loads of goodies that are guaranteed to be sugar-free, fat-free and zero calories!! You can’t beat that! Sweet Shoppe is a really tasty treat.
So, this kit is fantastic ladies!
You can found it in Oscraps available today with 20% OFF

Sweet Shoppe by Holliewood Studios available today at @Oscraps
"Secret garden by Holliewood Studios -branches
WA by Studio PBD - @ SBG
photo by devianart
Thanks for looking!

Another one :)

07 януари 2010

"Destination" - Add-on for "Generations" by Damayanti FREEBIE and CHALLENGE!

For you I make a freebie like Add-on for my new kit "Generations" - you can found it in my shops www.twolittlepixels.com , www.sunflowerscrap.com and www.dreamlanddigitaldesigns.com
Leave your comment here! I will be very glad to read them!

I would love to see all your LOs made with my freebie.
Create your pages and display them here, on your blog or any of your galleries. On Wednesday I will choose three of you to have a free copy of my last kit.


"Generations" by Damayanti Studio

Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose!
Kit "Generations" includes 58 elements and 15 elements.
BONUS FREE Word Art and mask with every purchase 3 days ONLY!!!
S4H! S4O!
Kit available in www.twolittlepixels.com , www.sunflowerscrap.com and www.dreamlanddigitaldesigns.com
Happy scraping!

4 QPs already for your memories!!!

Pages from my INCREDIBLE Creative Team!
Thanks girls! You are the best!

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