13 януари 2010

New project! My next guest from my CT is Anechka :)

I choice my next guest Anna aka Anechka :)
She is pretty and very kind person!
Anna is very talented scrapper, she is also a talented designer too!!!
You can see you designs in Sunflower scrap


1. First of all tell us about yourself, please! (your real name, where do you live, about your family, job…)

My name is Anja!

I live in the Far East.

At me two children and the fine husband.

Our family very amicable and sports.

2. When did you start Digital Scrapbooking?

Digital Scrapbooking I have started to be engaged 3 years ago.

3. How long does it take you to make one scrapbook page?

Each time on a miscellaneous.

There is a page is born for 15 minutes, and in other day on a page leaves and 2 hours.

Most likely it depends on inspiration.

4. Where do you get your inspiration?

I receive huge inspiration from the children!

From associates me good people.

From the sun, books, pictures.

All fine gives rise to inspiration.

5. What is your favorite style in scrapbook?
I love various styles.

Each style approaches for a certain stage in registration of photos.

It would be desirable to seize each style.

6. What kind of pages you like to do? (collages, LOs, minimalist style, or ...)

I like to do collages.

But it are pleasant to me when girls do pages of set of elements.

7. Do you have another hobby?
Yes, I have also other hobby.

I love fitness.

8. So, show us 3 of your favorite pages please

Her galleries:

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