21 март 2011

"Express yourself" challenge / Изрази себе си - картичко предизвикателство :)

Здравейте на всички които се отбивате тук!
Искам да отправя към вас едно предизвикателство.
Много се надявам да ви е интересно и забавно, защото на мен определено ще ми бъде като гледам резултатите показани от вас :)
И така  "Express yourself" или "Изрази себе си" :)
Условието за направата на НАТУРАЛНА скрапбук картичка е:
Да съдържа ваша снимка и да бъде новонаправена :)
Всеки има право да учавства с 1 проект!!!
Как ще представите себе си?
Това оставям на вашето въображение и желание. 
Цветовете и елементите трябва да представят част от вас и вашия характер :)
И тъй като съм новак и имам само една истински направена картичка, ще покажа моето  "Express yourself", но в дигитален формат :)

Hello to all of you who stopping by!
I would like to send you a challenge!
I hope that it will be interesting and fun to you because to me definitely it will be as watching the results shown by you.
So, express yourself!
  The condition for creating NATURAL scrapbook card is:
To contains your picture and be newly made .
Everyone can participate with 1 project only!!!
How would you introduce yourself?
This I leave to your imagination and will.
The colors and elements should represent a part of you and your character :)
And since I'm a newbie and I have made only one real card will show you my
"Express yourself" in digital format

И така, дерзайте :)
Успех на всички!
Край на предизвикателството 5 април 2011 година вечерта до 20:00 часа БГ време :)

И накрая, за да ви стимулирам трябва да има награди, нали? :)
Какво предизвикателство ще е без награди? :)
Те ще бъдат 3 купона от моите дигитални скрапове :)
Можете да ги разгледате в 9th&Bloom
1 място - купон на стойност 15$
2 място - купон на стойност 10$
3 място - купон на стойност  5$


So be of good cheer!
Good luck to all!!!

The challenge ends onApril 5th, 2011 20:00 pm GMT
Finally, to motivate you must have prizes, right? :)

These are three coupons for discount to my digital scrap’s store
You might want to view them in 9th&Bloom
1st place - a coupon worth $ 15
2nd place - a coupon worth $ 10
3rd place - a coupon worth $ 5

Enjoy yourself!

17 март 2011

Spring discounts by Damayanti Studio

Do not miss Spring discount by Damayanti Studio
You can see discount in your cart before payment!

15 март 2011

Scrapbooking & Cardmaking - моята първа картичка :)

От години се занимавам с дигитален скрапбук.
По истинския такъв само въздишам.
Запали ме моята приятелка Нели (позната като Лагуна в уеб пространството) :)
Нел, не знам дали да ти благодаря....ще питам Владо :)))
Започнах да трупам материали и се престраших да започна :))
Ето първата ми картичка с която ще учавствам в едно 
предизвикателство на Двете Елши  Много смело, нали :))))))
Установих от колко неща имам нужда за новото си хоби, но всичко по реда си :)))
И така представям ви вестителката на пролетта в моята "Полетна градина" :)

11 март 2011

Desire and Our story...book by Damayanti

"Desire" is inspired by a song ... "If today was your last day" by Nickelback :)
Kit includes:
52 elements (some recolorise)
10 papers (5 solid and 5 patterns)
And ONLY for 3 days FREE WA  with every purchase!

And few pages for inspiration by my amazing creative team!!!!
Thank you girls!!!

Our story...book
Our story...book set contains 10 quick pages - 12x12 inch , 300dpi,  created by me and my amazing friend Anna Design, 5 texture pages, back and front cover.
You can combine them by colors and get a great book of 20 pages + 2 covers for your memories!
To make them, we used my kit "Desire" 

04 март 2011

Cake & Friends and Birthday photo templates + FRЕЕBIE :)

Hi my friends,
Cake and Ice cream
Candles and Balloons
Joy and Laughter
Family and Friends
Gifts and Surprises
Time for celebration
!! TO YOU !! 
Here is my new kit for you!
I did it with love and desire and really hope you'll like it! :)
Kit includes:
75 elements
18 papers
and ONLY for a WEEK - with every purchase BONUS WA!!!
All products in this kit are 300 dpi and saved as png for elements and jpg for some papers. Drop shadows are for the preview only.  
Some inspirations of my amazing CT!
My Birthday photobook templates for you :)

And my present for you!
Mini kit "Time to cake"
I hope you'll like it!
It will take one minute to write what you think about freebie or just say thanks will be appreciate!!!
Thank you!

01 март 2011

Chestita Baba Marta with FREEBIE by Damayanti :)

On the 1st of March Bulgarian people celebrate a traditional holiday called Baba Marta (or Grandma Marta in English) and it is related to welcoming the approaching spring. 
Peolpe all over the world meet spring with joy and new hopes but in Bulgaria it is saved as an ancient tradition.
On that day, Bulgarians exchange, so called "Martenitsi" ("Martenitsa" - singular, "Martenitsi" - plural) and tell each other, "Chestita Baba Marta!" (Happy Grandma Marta!). 

This custom is essentially to wish great health, good luck, and happiness to family and friends. 
The name "Martenitsa" is taken from the Bulgarian word for March, or, as a legend tells, an angry old lady called Grandma Marta - Baba Marta in Bulgarian ("baba" means grandmother and Marta comes from word "mart", which means March in Bulgarian). 
In Bulgarian folklore Baba Marta is a grumpy old woman who changes her mood very rapidly and it reflects in the changeable March weather. 
When she is smiling the weather is sunny and warm, but if she gets angry the cold will stay for longer and it may even snow. 
By wearing the red and white colors of the Martenitsa our predecessors asked Baba Marta for mercy. 
They hoped that it will make winter pass faster and bring spring.
The Martenitsa is made of twined red and white threads - woollen, silk, or cotton. 
The white is a symbol of strength, purity and happiness. 
The red is associated with health, blood, conception, and fertility.
The most typical Martenitsa represents two small wool dolls - Pizho and Penda. P
izho is the male doll, usually dominating in white color. Penda is the female doll, usually dominating in red color and distinguished by her skirt. There are many other variations and forms. Out of twined red and white threads are also made bracelets, necklaces, tassels, pompons, balls, squares, human or animal figures. Over the past several decades the tradition has been innovated by attaching all kinds of representations and symbols made of wood, leather, ceramics, metal foil to the thread-made martenitsas.
When someone gives you a Martenitsa you should wear it either pinned on your clothes, on the hand tied around the wrist, or around your neck until you see a stork, or a fruit tree in blossom for the first time in the season. After that you can tie it on a blossoming tree for fertility. It is believed that the Martenitsa bring health, happiness and longevity. Like kind of amulet, Martenitsa was attributed a magic power believed to protect folks from "ill fortune", diseases and an evil eye.
The custom of wearing Martenitsa is probably one of the most interesting Bulgarian (pagan) tradition and it is considered to be unique to Bulgaria. According to one of the many legends, this tradition is also related to the founding of the Bulgarian state in 681 AD.

Today my son and my mom have a BIRTHDAY!

Therefor I have a present to all of you!
FREEBIE "New Beginnings"

It will take one minute to say a thank you or I like it!
Thank you and happy scraping!

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