20 януари 2010

My page is in Gallery spotlight - Lilypad :)

Gallery spotlight and It’s tadpole tuesday!!

Pollywog Katrina here with my first blog post! So excited. One of my fav parts of being a polly is looking through the gallery at all the seriously amazing pages made with Pad goodies and if you haven’t been to the gallery lately stop by, you will be amazed!

The first page is by Damayanti

Everything is placed perfectly and your eye is drawn right in to the perfection of this page. I just love it.

Black Beauty and Smile by Valorie Wibbens
Old School alpha by Rachel Young, Michelle Godin and Kate
Wordy-Bits by Kate Hadfield
Jenna Desai About a boy
Doodle border by Jenna Desai
Doodlicious by Jenna Desai
In the zone - papers by Jacque Larsen
Scribble it by Emily Merritt
Ice cubes by Jacque Larsen
Flower bits by Jenna Desai

http://www.the-lilypad.com/store/]All from The Lilypad

Thanks for looking!

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