27 ноември 2010

Guest CT call by Damayanti :)

Hi everybody
It's time to find my guest CT members for half of next year
I wait for your e-mails here:


- min. 1 LO per kit
- post in 3 and more galleries (DST and 9th&Bloom incl.)
- be avtive in my private forum
- be friendly and responsible

I would like to know:

- your real name and username
- link to your biggest gallery
- list of your curent CT
- why you would want to be in my team (honestly )

I'll announce my chosen just before Christmas

25 ноември 2010

Black Friday with Damayanti , FREEBIE and CONTEST!

From November onwards, it is impossible to forget that Christmas is coming.
Believe in what your heart is saying,
Hear the melody that's playing.
There's no time to waste,
There's so much to celebrate.
My new kit includes over than 100 elements, 9 unique papers, 2 alphas and
ONLY for a week "Beyond the lines - part 2" for FREE with every purchase!
Don't miss!!! :)

19 ноември 2010

Believe+ BONUS QPs and new CU by Damayanti

Last Christmas
I gave you my heart
But the very next day you gave it away
This year
To save me from tears
I'll give it to someone special...
My kit "Believe"includes 45 elements, 13 papers and 4 unique QPs for FREE with every purchase!
Don't miss this chance!

11 ноември 2010

Make a wish and NEW CU by Damayanti Studio

Bow and ribbon,
Love and glitter
Cover the gift as curiosities flitter
Of what wonders could come inside
And what this eve has been supplied
By family, friend and stranger, too
Saying with the gift,
"I Love You"
Bow and ribbon
Love and glitter
Will never make a soul grow bitter
For no matter what the gift may or may not hold
The giving is as pure as gold.
I have new good bargain for you :)

This BUNDLE includes full kit (31 amazing elements, 25 WA and 11 papers), Unique alpha (big, small letters and some symbols) and amazing QP album with 6 pages!
Do not miss the opportunity to save your money and keep your memories UNIQUE!!! :)

Christmas In My Heart by Kitty Designs

I'm guest CT to Kitty Designs!
She is amazing person and designer!
Thanks for opportunity!
It's the time again while Chritmas is here. The most magical season to love, to sacrifice, and to give. A time to celebrate.

Christmas is always the most beautiful moment for me, even more than birthdays, and Christmas Kit is always my fave kits for the whole year.
Kit includes 14 papers, 1 alphas and 52 elements
Available TODAY in OSCRAPS

A set of 7 magical words overlay
This overlays are coordinated with Christmas In My Heart Kit
Available TODAY in OSCRPAS

My page with these amazing new stuff by Kitty!
Photos by me :) - my kids :)

05 ноември 2010

Happy DSD with FREEBIE!!!!

Happy DSD guys....again with FREEBIE QP.
I did this page with my new kit "Busy little hands"
available today with 35% OFF ONLY in

04 ноември 2010

Happy DSD!

Happy DSD girls!

I love my boys!
If you have a sweet and charming little man this is exactly your kit!
Includes 79 very useful and versatile elements and 12 papers!
Do you like original way for your pages?
I did and WA too :)
You can find clusters and QP albums too!
Keep your memories unique!!!
Happy Scraping!

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