26 ноември 2008

"Snow is Delightfull" - Freebie

Freebie :)
I hope you like it! :)


All of this kit in Ahhh Scrap

"Noel" and "Merry Christmas"

This is NEW AWESOME kits for my web friends Andjelina and Cucciola Designs :)

***NOEL*** from Cucciola

***Merry Christmas*** from Andjelina

Available in Ahhh Scrap

14 ноември 2008

We Care. Do You?

"Artemia" coordinated by 13 Designers

Danielle is a talented layout artist known to most of us in the digital scrapping world as Artemia. She has a wonderful heart and a generous personality. Tragedy has recently come into Danielle's life. An accident injured one of her two little boys and may have permanently left her husband partially paralyzed. Many of us have poured out our hearts to Danielle. Now some of her friends in the industry have come together with an incredible collaborative kit to help her with her financial burden.

The contributing designers are: ah! Designs, Amanda R Designs, Catherine Designs, Createwings Designs, Emiko Designs, Heaven’s Gate Designs, Holly Designs, Jazzmin Designs, Jofia Designs, Kate Hadfield, Lauren Reid, Lorie Davison and Madame Mim.

The kit is called Artemia for our friend Danielle and is all about hope, friendship and love.

Hope is the thing with feathers… Hope can help us fly just as feathers can help birds fly. Hope keeps us warm just as feathers keep birds warm. We want Danielle to keep hope and we want to keep her warm.

Friendship is essential to the soul, we would like to show Danielle that we are here for her.

11 ноември 2008

"Snow is delightful"

So, winter already exist :)
This is my new kit "Snow is delightful" - available in Friday in Ahhh Scrap

This is RAK fro my friend Rumi and her daughter Ina!

This is from snejanka :)

This is page from Anna aka Litera :)

This is from Anjelina :)

This is from Birgit :)

This is page from Irina aka Cucciola :)

This is page from Nely aka sade :)

This is from Trinad :)

This is from Lusy :)

This is from Fabiane Rubria :)

This is from Rumka :)

This is from Pam :)

Thank you so much girls!!!!!You are so creatives!!!!

I hope you like it!!!

05 ноември 2008

Save the Nature

This is my new scrap "Save the Nature"
Available tomorrow (05.11.2008) in Ahhh Scrap
Includes 69 elements and 11 papers :)
I hope you like it!!!!

This is my page :)

This is Sade (Nely) page :)

This is from nzmumof4 :)

This is Cucciola page :)

This is from Rumka :)

This is from Birgit :)

This is from litera :)

This is from Snejanka :)

This is from fulloflife :)

This is from kateno4ek :)

This is from Monika aka Omega21 :)


This is little freebie :))

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