30 юли 2009

Mimilou Designs (MD) - "MAGIC BIRTHDAY"

Mimilou Designs (MD) "MAGIC BIRTHDAY"
Available in Digital-Crea

My page with this kit
photo by here
Thanks for looking!

28 юли 2009

Damayanti Studio "Russian alphabet" - FREEBIE

Для все мои руские друзя! :)
For all my Russian friends!

27 юли 2009

"Newspaper alphas" by Damayanti Studio

"Newspaper alpha" includes 8 different colors alphas and numbers.
All created by 300dpi.
Available in Sunflower Scrap
Happy Scraping!

26 юли 2009

"Happy doodles " freebie by Damayanti Studio

My first hand made doodles absolutely free for you in Sunflower Scrap
Happy scraping!

"Jardin Romantique" by Lilan C Design aka Malacima

Lilian said:
New freebie!! I call him "Jardin Romantique!" I'm not sure is this correct on the french language, but if Google translator faulty I'm faulty!! wink!! Anyway it is still freebie...lol!! I would also love to see anything you make using my designs, so please feel free to send me!! And of course send me so love!!Happy scrapping!! Here is link !!

My page with this amazing kit! Thanks Lilian!
Photos by Jennifer Dery
WA by Sue Cummings - "Simply perfect" WA

24 юли 2009

"Happy Birthday" by Djofia Devoe

AMAZING new kit by Jofia available in @SPD
The Happy Birthday kit includes:
8 different papers
elements in shadowed and unshadowed version
hand painted doodles
numbers 0-9

My page wit this sweet kit :)
photo by Biliana Getsova

23 юли 2009

"Garden of Imagination" by MD

Amazing NEW kit by Mimilou Designs like guest in SPD
The set includes 76 elements ans 11 papers.

Papers at 3600 x 3600, 300dpi saved as .jpg files.
Elements saved as .png files at 300dpi.

My page with this kit :)
photo by Lenagold

22 юли 2009

Little dreamer ...

My page "Little dreamer" has been featured on Inspiration4scrap Standouts - jupiiiiiiii!
king king king

"A pocket ful of sunchine" by Jacque Larsen and Amber Clegg
"News to me" - alpha back by Jacque
"Good day sunshine" by Jacque and Rachel Young
"Border and frames" by Jenna Desai
C.D.Muckosky - "Happy Dance Alphabet", "Puddle Parade", "Bookish Garden"
Crashens - "Masks N1" - Bare+necessites
"Cinemania" by Lauren Grien and Mandabean
"Kit about the joys of friendship" by Fruitloop Sally
"Day tripping" by Lauren Grier

Photos by me Smile
Thanks for looking!
Iv Smile

20 юли 2009

"Piece of heaven" by Damayanti Studio with SURPISE!!!

"Piece of heaven" is my new kit!
My inspirations is this song by Gregorian and Sarah Brightman
Kit includes 63 elements 12 papers and BONUS FREE Word Art with every purchase!!!
Available 21th July in Sunflower Scrap!

And pages from my amazing CT!







Nia kariani




Scrappie Irene



So I have a surprise for you!
The fastest three can take it absolutely free!!! The coupon will be activated at 6:00 GMT
Here is coupon code :)
Iva- PofH-blog-gift-1
Happy Scraping girls!!!!

17 юли 2009

CU freebie by Damayanti Studio

So, today my new story opened!
I'm so happy for that! You can see more here : http://www.cuforyou.com/store
Just NOW 20 to 30% OFF!!!!
Therefor I make for you little present :)
CU freebie
Please read my CU - TOU and do not put this freebie in other freebies!!!!


So, this new shop is my new story :)
Welcome for all of you!
We have to 30% off for all products!!!

15 юли 2009

Damayanti Studio look for few permanent and guest CT :)

I'll wait for you
Hugs and have a nice day!
Ivelina a.k.a. Damayanti

14 юли 2009

"My baby love" by Mimilou Designs

"My baby love" by Mimilou Designs available in @SPD today - 14th July

My page with this tender kit :)

One lovely blog award

Thank you Sahchinamama for this award!

Here are the rules for this award:
1. Put the award on your blog.
2. Include a link to the person who gave you the award.
3. Nominate 7 or more blogs (always hard to do).
4. Leave a message on their blog letting them know they have an award on your blog.

My nominations:

13 юли 2009

"Love garden" by Mimilou Designs

"Love garden" by Mimilou Designs
You will find in this kit 10 papers and 88 elements.
Available in @Scrapmalin

My page wit this amazing kit! :)

09 юли 2009

"Sea breeze" by Holly Designs

This awesome sea kit by Holly Designs available tomorrow (10-th July) in @SPD

And my page with this fabulous kit:
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