02 юни 2010

Winners for "Paint everyhere" :)

THANK YOU for all for you girls!
You are amazing!
My winners this time are:

Please - send me E-MAIL:


4 коментара:

Jitka, Most каза...

OMG!!! I´m sooo happy! Thank you so much Iv! I´m sending you e-mail NOW :) Have a nice rest of the day!

Unknown каза...

Iv:-) I do not have words .. .. I am crying with emotion and joy. I can not believe it!!.. Your kit is gorgeous .. Did you have me very happy .. . Thank you very very much..I much looking forward to the kit Whoopee .. I'm going to celebrate:-)Have a wonderfully...

Madeline каза...

Congrats Girls...xoxo

Анонимен каза...
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