13 ноември 2009

New project! I present to you my Creative Team!

I decided to start a project for my creative team, because a designer is nothing without his team :)
Each week I will present a member of my team here in my blog for you to meet them :)

I choice for my first guest -
Rumka! She is very beautiful and good woman - we met in real life this summer at the sea. She has a very sweet daughter Mirela , and now she is pregnant and will soon have a baby :)

Here is a interview:

1. First of all tell us about yourself, please! (your real name, where do you live, about your family, job…)

My name is Rumiana Lefterova.I am from Bulgaria, and I live near to Black Sea – in city Varna. I am married from three years and i have a daughter. Her name’s Mirela and she is two years old. I don’t work now, because I’m pregnant and I look forward my baby.

2. When did you start Digital Scrapbooking?

From November 2007 year

3. How long does it take you to make one scrapbook page?

I make one my scrapbook page about 20 minutes.

4. Where do you get your inspiration?

I take my inspiration from the talents of other girls and also my talent too :) :)

5. What is your favorite style in scrapbook?

I like natural elements! I like to use them in my pages.

6. What kind of pages you like to do? (collages, LOs, minimalist style, or ...)

I like collages, yes, collages, but i make and another pages (LO)

7. Do you have another hobby?

Yes, i like cardmaking and.... cookery :)

8. So, show us 3 of your favorite pages please

Here is Rumka's blog:
And her biggest galleries:
Sunflower Scrap
Dreamland Digital Designs

2 коментара:

Rumiana Lefterova Photography каза...

беше много приятно и вълнуващо, хиляди благодарности за това, Ив!!!

Unknown каза...

Ив, огромное спасибо за этот проект! Как здорово познакомиться с девочками, творящими такую красоту!

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