22 юли 2009

Little dreamer ...

My page "Little dreamer" has been featured on Inspiration4scrap Standouts - jupiiiiiiii!
king king king

"A pocket ful of sunchine" by Jacque Larsen and Amber Clegg
"News to me" - alpha back by Jacque
"Good day sunshine" by Jacque and Rachel Young
"Border and frames" by Jenna Desai
C.D.Muckosky - "Happy Dance Alphabet", "Puddle Parade", "Bookish Garden"
Crashens - "Masks N1" - Bare+necessites
"Cinemania" by Lauren Grien and Mandabean
"Kit about the joys of friendship" by Fruitloop Sally
"Day tripping" by Lauren Grier

Photos by me Smile
Thanks for looking!
Iv Smile

3 коментара:

Agnieszka каза...

Congrats Dearling! :)

Sanusha каза...

Ивочка, поздравляю!!!

Damayanti каза...

Thank you guys!!! :)

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