10 юни 2009

"Baby Elf" by Lily Designs

"Baby Elf" by Lily Designs

I met a little Elfman once,
Down where the lilies blow.
I asked him why he was so small,
And why he didn't grow.
He slightly frowned, and with his eye
He looked me through and through -
" I'm just as big for me," said he,
" As you are big for you!"
The Little Elf By John K. Bangs

You just must have this most handmade kit ever !!!!

14 papers over 70 elements - all with realistic shadow version! Handwritten word arts ! Many finishing elements and FREE white dreamy photo or paper overlays - they can be used in your processional non scrapbook related photography !

Available in After Five Designs

My page with this kit.
photos by Kelley Ryden photography
Thanks for looking!

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rena1001 каза...

very beautiful page!!! fantastic! :)

Scrapcoco каза...

This page is amazing !!

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