14 април 2009

Birthday Party!!!!!


My youngest son and me have Birthday in April!
From 15 to 20 April 35% OFF
for ALL my stuff!!!!

Sunflower Scrap ONLY!!!

My new kit "Beyond the Sea" + BONUS Word Art with every purchase!!!!

2 коментара:

Unknown каза...


I was hoping and wishing for 100 MORE nautical kits (so much so I did a layout about it!), and here you've given me a fabulous freebie and come out with an equally gorgeous new kit. I know what I'll be getting on my next shopping trip!!

You do know how much I loooooove the sea.


Damayanti каза...

Thank you very much!I love your art!!I see your LO 100 MORE nautical kits - fabulous!!!You are very creative person!!!

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