07 февруари 2009

"One more night"

So, my new kit is for "On more night" for yours fantastic memories with your children or favorite person!
Kit available in my stories 9-th February 2009
I hope you like it :)
Only now with 20% off
(from 09.02 to 11.02.2009)

Here are pages from my FANTASTIC creative team!

By Violett

By Rumka

By Rumka

By Natalishka

By Natalyna

By Ma Cherie

By Lusy

By Litera

By Krakatuka

By Julova

By Dodo74

By FlawedPurfection

By Janett

By Dvorajda

By Birgit

By Ananas77

By Damayanti

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_наталья_ каза...

Супер!!!!!! Потрясающий скрап!!!!
только я не совсем поняла Ваши скрапы платные?
ICQ - 442967227

Michelle from MD, USA каза...


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