30 ноември 2012

Guest spot, new kit, FREEBIE - with Damayanti Studio

It is a great honor to be a guest in One Story Down!
It is one of the best months in the year when we celebrate the best holidays! Therefore I invite you to celebrate with me :) there will be many new products, gaming, free kits...

By Des (Desire)

By Carolenxin

By Ellen

By Mary John

By Lili (misslovescraps)

By Astrid (AnikA)

By Maca

By Cvety (caramelche)

By Emily (emmyxlou)

By Erika (Doodle Bop)

By Iva (Damayanti)

By Iva (Damayanti)

Created by my real and web friend Desire - she is a part of my CT too! Thank you Des!
By Deanna

By Cornelia

 By Des (Desire)

By Astrid (AnikA)

By Des (Desire)

I have a SURPRISE for you!
You need just to like my FB fan page and get this FREEBIE for you!


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