23 февруари 2012

Grand opening my new store Scrapbook Art Avanue :)

I'm soooo excite!!!
Today is my first day like designer after long break :)
I have 35% SALE for you and brand new products of course! :))

Kid's zone + WA and BONUS 4 Borders by Damayanti Studio

Tem{plaY}te me vol.2 by Damayanti Studio and Desirée Designs

Some inspirations by amazing store Creative Team and my friends Desi, Cvety, Nely, Ani and Eli :)

By Mamiemoi
 By Desiree
 By Desiree
 By Yelina
 By Kimla
 By Caramellche
By Sade

 By Elitka
 By Elitka
 By Caramellche
 By HeatherS
 By Ani69
 By Ani69
 By Traumelfe
 By MummyD
By Anjutka1982

So you can grab QP FREEBIE by Eli's blog

Thank you!!!!
Hugs to all!

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