30 октомври 2011

9th&Bloom closing.... :(

Dear Friends,
As some of you may be aware, a terrible thing has happened to 9th&Bloom today.  

The designers and Admin and Mangaer Lizzy, were victims of fraud.  Our store is closing immediately.  
I don't know where I will be selling designs in the future, but I will be designing and selling!  
I do have some fun activities planned for Digital Scrapbook Day next weekend, regardless of whether I actually have a store to sell in! :)  
Wish me luck!!!!

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maTilda каза...

ou, I really like your design and I hope that you will find a new place for your kits. My fingers are crossed.. have you a nice autumn days..


Jitka, Most каза...

Oh, I don´t know why is this happening.. pirates everywhere..it´s so sad :(
Anyway I wish you to find a new home where you can continue with sale of your wonderul kits. My fingers are crossed!

Natasha (TirAmisu design) каза...

Кошмар, Ива, я не знаю,что там у вас произошло, но это очень печально! Очень надеюсь вы все найдете побыстрее себе новые магазины. А виновники будут наказанны!

Damayanti каза...

Thank you so much girls!!!!! Really appriciate!!!!
Наташа, сможе мне помочь? Дай мне е-мейл хазайку Пикалбери пожалуйста, есьли не сложно!

Madeline каза...

Oh,I'm sorry to hear about this sad news(9th & Bloom)it's sad really,I wish you all the best sweetie...xoxo

Natasha (TirAmisu design) каза...

Ива, напиши мне на bagira77.07@mail.ru я вышлю тебе e-mail хозяйки!

Lisete каза...

Oh hun I am sorry, I hope you find a new store soon, hugs!

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