19 февруари 2009

"New Beginnings"

Hi ladies pig
I finished my new kit Rolling Eyes
First I would like to tell you some of our Bulgarian traditions in March Question I hope you will have the patience to read it @

"Bulgarians celebrate the 1st of March as the day of 'Baba Marta'. They have a tradition to exchange white and red threads for good health during the year.
The legend says that the 'martenitza' protects the people and the household from the evil spirit of the winter. In the villages 'martenitza' used to be tied to the legs, necks and tails of the cows, lambs and other animals. Even the trees would meet the morning of 1st of March with red and white threads hung on their branches.
Today the tradition continues and there is not a single Bulgarian that would not wear the symbol of health and luck on the first day of March. Nowadays, the most popular form of the 'martenitza' is the bracelet, while in the past only women and children used to war 'martenitzas' as bracelets.
The symbollic threads are worn until one sees a blossoming tree, a stork or until 'Blagoveshtenie' (March 25th), the day when Virgin Mary has received the good news of the forthcoming birth of Jesus Christ.
The ritual is a great way to celebrate the coming of spring and to add a colourful spark to the neverending winter. Children are of course the happiest of all, collecting lots of martenitzas and hanging them everywhere."

Filled with fantastic elements and fresh colors, “New beginnings” is a beautiful escape to a magical place.

Kit include 55 elements, alpha (big and small letters) and 10 papers - all 300 dpi.
Availble in Sun Flower Scrap and Ahhh Scrap
ONLY 3 days with 20% off

Here pages from my CT :) Thanks girls!!! Hug!








She Devil






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Michelle from MD, USA каза...

Thank you for sharing your Bulgarian tradition of Baba Marta. I love hearing about traditions in other countries.

Your new kit is so fresh and "Springy". We are in the midst of a snow storm at the moment. Hopes that spring will hurry up and get here is all I can think about!

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